Themed Galleries

Promoting your artwork online

If you sell your work online and would like to promote your work that bit extra we have created three new gallery sites
easelspace still-life gallery

There is a small charge of $10 to help with hosting and promotional costs for each gallery register

If you want to join one of these galleries, we must charge $10 dollars per year for one Gallery. $15 for 2 $20 for all 3
What do you get for your $10 ?

Well apart from being on the gallery, all your images you can be directly linked back to your preferd agents such as FAA,ebay, artmajeur etc..
-We will place a link on the home page of to your own website
-We can arranage a link on one of our pr3 sites if required.
-If you wish to sponsor a page on FAA we can also provide you with the link back.

Why not visit the links opposite and take a look around!